Gemma Minx Loving It

Some girls are never satisfied! But, when it comes to sluts like Gemma Minx, they always try their hardest to succeed! This glorious chestnut haired teen is always up for her afternoon masturbating session. She can’t last a day without whipping out her dildo and pleasuring her shaved young pussy with it.

So, one day when she was alone in her house, she decided to have a little fun. You see, the thing with Gemma Minx is that she is an eager pleaser and there’s nothing that can turn her on more than giving someone pleasure. This is why she always likes practicing her blowjob skills before going into action. Luckily, she has a plus sized dildo that is more than enough for her to gag on.

After she took out her favorite dildo, Gemma went all in. Nothing gets this girl hornier than the feeling of a hard dick in her mouth, and she’s always up for some sloppy ball sucking. After she was done playing with her amazing natural tits, she started playing with her toy. Gemma was deepthroating her dildo in a matter of seconds! The feeling of this hard dick stretching her mouth got her tight little teen pussy wet almost instantly. She showed off her amazing deepthroat skills with a smile on her face. The dildo that she was sucking on looks huge compared to her, which makes the whole act even more impressive.

The freckles on her face and on her tits were just an addition to the overall hotness of the situation. She was sucking on a dick while wearing a skimpy swimsuit, which gave the whole situation a naughty twist. Masturbating by sucking a cock is a thing that only horny sluts like Gemma Minx could enjoy.

The way that she was choking on that dildo topped any type of porn there is. The dedication she put into deepthroating her favorite dildo made it seem like she was sucking off her boyfriend rather than a toy. Her pussy got wet just by thinking about the blowjob that she was going to experience that day. It didn’t take long for her to start licking on the toys balls which is one of her favorite oral activities. She didn’t even touch her pussy in order to achieve her orgasm. She came like never before!


Gemma Minx School Girl

Coming home from school is almost the best feeling ever. When you’re having a rough day you just can’t stop thinking about going home. Gemma Minx is no different. She was sitting in her classroom in her hot schoolgirl outfit, thinking about going home and masturbating. You see, Gemma is kind of an addict when it comes to orgasms.

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So, the bell rang, and Gemma went out of the classroom. She was rushing home because she knew that she had only an hour or so before her parents came back from work. Gemma got home quickly with more than an hour of privacy. When you’re as horny as Gemma was at this point, the last thing on your mind would be to change your clothes. So, there she was, in her schoolgirl outfit, wearing a tiny skirt and long tube socks. Her freckles just added an extra punch to the whole schoolgirl vibe.

Gemma went into her mom’s room and took her massager that she had found out about only a few days ago. She knew about the toy, but she didn’t have the chance to try it out. The longer she was thinking about it, the hornier she was. This was the perfect time to try it out.

After she plugged in the massager, she started playing with herself slowly, stretching her tiny nipples and playing with her gorgeous natural rack. She bent over and gently started rubbing her pussy over her panties. As she couldn’t wait anymore, she took off her panties and began the show!

Gemma spread her legs, revealing her shaved teenage pussy that was dripping with excitement. She didn’t take her socks off as they turned her on immensely! She turned on her mom’s massager and started rubbing it against her clit. She couldn’t believe how good it felt as it was stimulating her love button. After a while, she decided to slide a couple of fingers up her tight pussy, giving her a complete experience. This masturbation experience was the best she’s had in her life, and she wasn’t about to stop. She fingered herself harder while using her toy until she finally got to the point of a shivering orgasm. She went on and on, moaning with pleasure, until she heard her parent’s coming home. She really got carried away, but they didn’t catch her!


Gemma Minx New Friends

It’s always fun meeting up with friends. Gemma met a new companion at school. They instantly clicked due to the fact that they had so much in common. They have been spending weeks with each other doing practically everything together. It didn’t take long for them to get to know each other much better. So, the subject of sex was bound to happen between them.

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They started talking about boys and they realized that they both lost their virginity on the same date. They couldn’t believe how much they had in common. Gemma told her friend that she hasn’t had sex since she lost her virginity because she genuinely didn’t like the whole experience too much. Although she stopped having sex since then, she had a much bigger craving for it, so she got addicted to masturbating. She told her friend that she just bought a sex toy that she uses regularly, and that it’s an incredible feeling. It was a little weird at first, but she eventually asked her to come to her place so she could show her the toy.

They went to her place after school one day, but Gemma didn’t know that her friend had brought a toy with herself. She started showing her how she uses it, which was a little awkward at first, but they eventually got past the awkwardness.

As she was stuffing her crotch with her toy, Gemma’s friend whipped out her own. Much to their surprise, both were identical. They were happy about this irrelevant convenience. So, it didn’t take long for both of them to start toying their sweet teenage cunts. They enjoyed the whole experience together even more because of the fact that they were such good friends.

At first, they were masturbating separately. But, after they got comfortable enough, they wanted to help each other out. They started kissing one another passionately until they worked down to each other’s pussy. They were rubbing themselves and using their identical sex toys until both of them got wet. Gemma and her friend started toying each other, eventually leading to one of the best orgasms both of them had ever experienced in their lives! After this steamy lesbian experience, they started masturbating together on a day-to-day basis.


Gemma Minx is Craving Dick BJ

Sucking a cock has always been the thing that Gemma enjoys the most. She can’t go a day without thinking about a throbbing member getting lodged inside her slutty little mouth. She’s a rare example of a woman that can get pleasure for pleasuring others. On that note, Gemma Minx keeps a special toy in her drawer that she uses when she’s horny. Sometimes, she uses it to stuff her tight little pussy, but in other cases, she uses it to practice her blowjob skills.

Practicing the act of deepthroating a cock may seem weird to some people, but for Gemma, it’s an everyday thing. She gets really excited even when she thinks about swallowing a whole cock, and there’s nothing better when Gemma gets excited.

So, after one hard and long day, she decided to relax and enjoy her much needed daily orgasm. She wasn’t quite sure what she was in the mood for, but sucking on her toy was a sure bet! She was craving a blowjob, but she didn’t stop there. Gemma took her toy out of her drawer, and laid it aside. Before she started using it, she wanted to get the oven warm enough. So, she played with herself to get turned on.

Firstly, she started softly touching herself. Playing with her tits and her nipples has always been a good way to get her started. She loves the fact that she has natural tits that are soft but still have a firm feeling to them. She slowly started playing with her pussy, moving her fingers across her tight little asshole.

When she got herself wet, she decided that it was time to use her dildo. She took the dildo and started displaying her impeccable deepthroating skills. Gemma has never had a problem with swallowing a cock balls deep. In fact, she enjoys the act of a good deepthroat blowjob. She slobbered on her dildo until her cunt started dripping all over the floor. She even took the time to give that herself a treat by rubbing the dildo between her perky tits. It didn’t take long for her to start stuffing her wet pussy with her favorite toy. She was shoving it deeper until her hairy cunt started shivering with pleasure. This was one of the best orgasms that Gemma Minx has ever experienced!