Gemma Minx is Craving Dick BJ

Sucking a cock has always been the thing that Gemma enjoys the most. She can’t go a day without thinking about a throbbing member getting lodged inside her slutty little mouth. She’s a rare example of a woman that can get pleasure for pleasuring others. On that note, Gemma Minx keeps a special toy in her drawer that she uses when she’s horny. Sometimes, she uses it to stuff her tight little pussy, but in other cases, she uses it to practice her blowjob skills.

Practicing the act of deepthroating a cock may seem weird to some people, but for Gemma, it’s an everyday thing. She gets really excited even when she thinks about swallowing a whole cock, and there’s nothing better when Gemma gets excited.

So, after one hard and long day, she decided to relax and enjoy her much needed daily orgasm. She wasn’t quite sure what she was in the mood for, but sucking on her toy was a sure bet! She was craving a blowjob, but she didn’t stop there. Gemma took her toy out of her drawer, and laid it aside. Before she started using it, she wanted to get the oven warm enough. So, she played with herself to get turned on.

Firstly, she started softly touching herself. Playing with her tits and her nipples has always been a good way to get her started. She loves the fact that she has natural tits that are soft but still have a firm feeling to them. She slowly started playing with her pussy, moving her fingers across her tight little asshole.

When she got herself wet, she decided that it was time to use her dildo. She took the dildo and started displaying her impeccable deepthroating skills. Gemma has never had a problem with swallowing a cock balls deep. In fact, she enjoys the act of a good deepthroat blowjob. She slobbered on her dildo until her cunt started dripping all over the floor. She even took the time to give that herself a treat by rubbing the dildo between her perky tits. It didn’t take long for her to start stuffing her wet pussy with her favorite toy. She was shoving it deeper until her hairy cunt started shivering with pleasure. This was one of the best orgasms that Gemma Minx has ever experienced!


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